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Blackfin Solutions is a leading aggregator of Broadband Solutions for clients offering: Broadband Solutions Internet Access Wireless Broadband "Air Cards" for Laptop and Desktop Computing Remote Access Management Virtual Private Networks Cloud Computing

Remote Access Management

Blackfin Solutions’ VPN (virtual private network) and integrated RAM (remote access management) enables organizations to provide its field offices and remote workforces with high-speed broadband access from end-users‘ homes and small offices. Blackfin Solutions’ VPN solution helps you streamline communications costs, enhance productivity and increase business opportunities. This fully managed solution combines the industry’s leading hardware and software with a selection of lifecycle services designed to meet the needs of any enterprise. Blackfin Solutions works closely with a variety of service providers. We ensure that you are getting the right type of service at the right price. Regardless of the access technology or the service provider, Blackfin Solutions will work with you to design, provision and implement your entire VPN solution. We interface with multiple service providers on your behalf. We are the only company you will need to provision and deploy broadband VPN equipment and connections across the U.S. while providing a single contact for end user support.

One service provider: Today, deploying a broadband VPN network means dealing with many service providers for network configuration, access and end user support. Blackfin Solutions’ Remote Access Management provides one service level agreement, one fixed price structure, one billing contact and one company to count on for end user support.

Improve service levels and user satisfaction: A single contact for end user support means users no longer need to spend endless hours trying to troubleshoot issues with ISP’s directly. Our experts will ensure quick and easy activation and will facilitate on-going support issues on behalf of users.

Maximize workforce productivity: High speed access to critical resources builds remote workforce agility. Remote Access Management eliminates frustrating delays commonly associated with exchanging information over a dial-up line.

Control rising costs: A single nationwide fixed monthly fee puts you in control of increasing broadband costs. Dial-up is a variable expense, dependent on usage. Broadband has no meter preventing the cost of wasted minutes when your user inadvertently walks away from his or her connection.

Simplify planning and budgeting processes: Centralized billing and fixed fee service contracts minimize the complexity of the budgeting process. It also eliminates the guesswork of forecasting dial-up costs and reduces the administrative burden of processing individual monthly invoices.

Manage Security and Access: Extending the enterprise has enormous competitive benefits and some challenging inherent risks. As a leader in deploying security, identity and access management solutions, Blackfin Solutions can provide the expertise you need to mitigate the risks and build and manage effective workforce access solutions.

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